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    finding practice time can be harder than actually playing the guitar – when do you practice ? any advice or suggestions ?


    I believe it’s important to be realistic about finding the time. A first step is to realize that (assuming that one is quite new on playing) before you started playing, the hours of the day was filled as well. For some it may have been a specific activity (sports, study, whatever) but for most people I believe it is often things like TV, games, reading or browsing the web (you know “doing nothing”) that takes up a lot of time.

    The second thing then would be to acknowledge that it is impossible to just add another activity without removing something else since the hours of the day is, as we all know, limited.

    I personally can feel somewhat frustrated from time to time over the conflicts of interest that may arise from this but it really helps to be aware of that the choice is mine to spend my day as I please. The time is not very free until you chose what to do is it? 🙂

    Reflecting upon this makes me think about the possible reward that lies ahead, getting closer to the goals I have set for myself, how childishly proud I feel when I learn something new I thought i never would. I simply focus in on that sweet feeling of progress, compare it to one hour of shit TV from one of the thirteen channels I’ve got to choose from and the choice is simple.



    I decided to retire early and set aside at least an hour a day to practicing or studying theory. But “stuff” still gets in the way.

    When i practice, I try to have a goal in mind. Perhaps learning a riff or practicing a scale. I often fall into the trap (?) of just playing along with my favorite songs. That makes me happy!

    One tip: practice something the right way. For example, make sure you’re going slow and the notes are ringing out. Practicing playing faster with dirty notes is not a good habit to get into.



    I work in an isolated office where nobody can hear me. I’ve been bringing my guitar in to work and practice during lunch a few days a week.


    Greg Burr

    First I would like to say that several years ago we had friends that had gotten Wii and said how much fun they had playing it. Wendy and I went into Best Buy and I immediately said I would rather not put time in to develope Gaming skills, I would rather devote that time to learning a musical instrument. So I started playing acoustic guitar. Being self employed I have a lot of flexibility in my day. I give 1/2 to 1 hour of practice time in the morning before I leave for work in the morning. For myself the morning is the most effective time for me to larn. My goal is to practice every day, and I ocassionally miss a day or two, but generally speaking I want to play my guitar every day for at least 30 minutes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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