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    My name is Todd and I have never touched a guitar before! Some people have the gift of music for a early age and can basically pick up a spoon and make music. I on the other hand was told I should us that spoon and lean to cook with it instead of using it to make music. Hahaha, 40 years later I have decided to go for it and learn to play guitar. I went to a few local music stores and talked to the teachers there and with most of them 30 years younger than me found that they did not even own a acoustic guitar. The one instructor I did find reminded me of the guy from the shinning movie and I felt uneasy with him.
    So, my search led me to the internet. I saw lots of people talking about this way to learn and that way to learn and I just felt kind of lost. On my last click on youtube I came across this site and sent a email with some questions to Jonathan. Wow, he seems like a great guy and very responsive to questions about guitar lessons.
    So, I got the guitar I have been dreaming about, got my membership, and here I am!
    Oh, by the way I did learn to cook with that spoon and became a well known chef in Atlanta and worked at some of the top food destinations in Asia and Europe.
    With Jonathan’s help, I think I can learn to play the guitar and not be afraid to play some songs!



    Good luck to you Todd! As I imagine you weren’t a great chef without practice, the same will hold true for the guitar.

    I tried playing in college about 40 years ago. I had 5 roommates, 4 of whom were music majors. So they taught me the G, C, D, E A and Em chords. I played two tunes, Hey Mr. Tambourine man, and the beginning of Lola.

    After graduation, I gave up the guitar for work (CPA) and family.

    Then 12 years ago I bought a guitar (actually 2 of them) and tried playing again. But work got in the way.

    About a year ago I was offered an early retirement package and took it, allowing me to practice guitar at least 10 hours a week. It made a difference.

    So has learning some basic music theory and signing up for two on line programs (this being one of them). I’ve also taken a few lessons from Jonathan via Skype.

    I’d say I’m a low intermediate player at this point. Moving from beginner to intermediate took practice and understanding music theory for me.

    In hindsight, I think getting a basic understanding of music theory is something to start with. Then, along with practice, play along with others.

    Good luck with your journey!



    Hi Guys n Girls,

    Have just subscribed as Jonathans lessons are best suited to me. We all learn differently and having tried a number of local guitar teachers over the years, I keep coming back to Jonathans lessons on you tube, so signed up.
    As an old guy, when insomnia strikes its not easy to find a guitar teacher at 3 am. Jonathans always there, ready with another lesson 🙂
    I feel I have made more progress with these lessons than any other, so am really going to enjoy getting stuck in.
    Have had a bunch of guitars, some I should never have sold, but life’s choices shape your path and am now completely happy with my acoustic guitar, especially as with Jonathans lessons recognisable tunes are coming from it. Even caught the wife humming along.
    Going to investigate some music theory over the holidays as WJbnole suggests.
    Happy playing,



    Mr. Nick

    Greetings from the deep south. Yep, got your first class redneck here and I’m loaded with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 guitars. (I kept telling my wife I was going to buy one that would play itself). 2 acoustic & 2 electric. After the “play yourself” didn’t workDon’t ask me anything I started to LEARN how to play ’em. (after 4 I decided none were going to play themselves and I’d better learn.) So here I am, 74 years old and with nearly two years of practice, I can make a few chords. Hey, they tell me the older you get the harder to learn new tricks(I think there’s a dog thrown in there somewhere.) I’m from the old COUNTRY SWING ROCK ‘N ROLL MUSIC generation. I grew up with people like Hank Snow, Ray price and Bo Didley. Throw in some early Elvis, a little Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee followed by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys on the Jukebox, put some sawdust on the floor to dance by and you’ve got yourself a HONKY TONK. Don’t ask me anything because I don’t know nothing but pay attention to the questions I do ask ’cause the answers will benefit you as well. Enough about me, now where did I put that pick?
    Mr. Nick (Hey, when you get this old you are entitled to some respect.)



    Oldboots (or anyone interested);

    I have a few spreadsheets on music theory that I will share with anyone interested. See my post on Scales in the forum to see what I use the spreadsheets for (constructing chords and songs).

    Note: I’m a retired accountant, so the spreadsheet / mathematical approach works for me. I’m not a music teacher, and the information is free. You won’t feel ripped off given the price of the information 🙂





    hey gang! my name is Joe. Just joined the site yesterday. Been playing guitar off and on for a lot of years but mostly just noodling around. Retired a couple years ago and decided to take it more seriously in the sense that I give it quite a bit of time in my weekly schedule…problem is I just can’t seem to get away from noodling!!! Looking on the internet for more structure I ran across Jonathan on You Tube. I really like his teaching style! I thought it would make sense to introduce myself and start learning from others. Read the threads above and would really like to get my hands on your cheat sheets (Wjbnole)…think they might help me focus on the things I need to focus on. I am going to email you now…thanks everyone!!!



    Hi, I’m Jim and I retired about a year and a half ago (I’m 61). I have had a guitar since I was 12 or 13 – I still have a Sears acoustic. I also have an American Standard Fender Strat. I love guitars and guitar music. Playing the things is the hard part. I really like the classes/training that Jonathan offers. I have been devoting at least an hour or so a day to practicing and learning and I am finally getting somewhere. My biggest problem has been devoting the time to learning and practice. I used to think music would come to me by osmosis or something, but I think I’ve figured out by now that it takes work and practice. I still don’t know all the notes on the fretboard, but I know a lot more than I did a year ago, and that’s progress.
    Oh yeah Joe, I know what you mean about structure. I spent years just messing around and improvising, but the structure is needed and some of the things I learned on my own I now know why they work.

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    Ed Frady, live in Cocoa Beach, FL. Had guitars almost 55 years, but didn’t get serious until I retired my day job. Getting hooked on blues, Delta Blues. Look forward to meeting you again here in the forum.


    David R

    Hello everyone…
    My name is David, from Santa Rosa CA (beautiful wine country!!!) Like a couple of others I saw in the intro….I recently retired and decided to try guitar playing again. I say again…I had a guitar when I was in high school…many moons ago…but never got serious about it. I now have more time to work on learning, so here I am. I saw a couple of Jonathan’s videos, and liked his style. I have had my guitar for a week..so I am very new..and have some sore fingers to show for it. But, that too shall pass..just will take some time.
    Anyway, I look forward to learning from Jonathan, and from others on here.



    Hi I’m Ivor, I live in the UK (South Coast). I was a police office for 30yrs, after I retired I retrained as nurse and I am now a mental health nurse. In the past I played trombone at school and for a few years the Saxophone, but never to any great standard. I have always enjoyed guitar music and a couple of months ago, I bought my guitar (Faith – Baby Jumbo) which I love. Luckily the store don’t audition you when you buy an instrument, or as the guy that sold it said, ‘just ‘cos you can’t play well, doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice guitar’. So I play everyday a little, and I know quite few chords. Trouble is moving from one to another and putting them in some kind of order. I found Jonathon’s you tube videos, I saw the D-C-G first, and though this is ok. I like the real practical tips and explanations for why things work. So I decided to give the pay site a go. Nice to meet you all.



    Larry in Indy here –

    Am a codger picking up the old Alvarez that’s been sitting around way too long. I’m a remnant of the Folk era – Dylan, PPM, Kingston Trio, Lightfoot, etc. and huge follower of Ian & Sylvia. My wife, Mary Anne, and a friend played folk when they were in college and she and I played around singing together shortly after we graduated from college. But life got in the way and other than still playing a few basic chords, I’ve pretty much let the ole’ guitar sit in the corner – always wishing I could pick it up and start some finger pickin’. And then discovered Johathan on youtube and have subscribed to his site.
    Currently working on the Dylan pickin’style – very hard to teach these old fingers new motor memory!! Am now also working on the chords for “Changes” by Phil Ochs – anoher – unfortunately overlooked – folk/protest singer. Tough A F#m B chord change but work on it every day and am getting it down. While this site apparentlly doesn’t get much use, I’d love to connect with others in Indianapolis wanting some sympathy:-)!! Contact me at lwslog@gmail.com and let’s start a “new” folk group!!



    Hello guitar players. I’m Don and I have spent the last 40 years as a photographer .
    Retired 3 years ago and now have the time to tackle in earnest teaching myself the guitar.
    Seems to be more to this besides learning chords. The way I’m going to approach this is my
    thinking tells me that 40 years ago I knew nothing about photography or cameras, and I self taught
    so now I want to think I can do the same with the guitar…… wish me luck

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